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New Roof Installation in Logan, UT

When you need a new roof installation, you need professional roofers who can perform exceptional work within the timeframe and budget you desire. Whether you need a tear-off or re-roofing, we at Martin Skabelund Roofing in Nibley, UT, can expertly install a new roof of your choosing, ensuring it’s secure, designed to last, and sealed properly. From older homes that need updating to newer homes that have been through a lot, we can transform the functionality and appearance of your home in a lasting way.

We’re proud of our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we strive to exceed your expectations at every turn. When you’re in need of roofing specialists who prioritize quality and satisfaction over everything, choose Martin Skabelund Roofing, and let us take your home to new heights. We are based locally in Nibley, UT but we also serve across Logan, Layton and surrounding areas.

Roof Tear-Offs in Logan, UT


One of the most common methods of replacing a roof is a tear-off. This method of new roof installation involves stripping the current roof down to the roof deck and then laying new roofing on top of it. With this method, we can inspect the structure of the roofing system for potential problems or leaks, including underlayment, wood deck, water and ice shields, and flashings. We’ll reinforce, replace, or repair anything that isn’t up to our standards. While it takes more time and involves more work, this method of new roof installation allows our roofers to ensure your entire roofing system is secure, reliable, and in good condition.

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The process of re-roofing is simpler than tear-offs, as we just lay new roofing on top of the existing roof. This takes less time and less labor, but it doesn’t allow us to inspect the underlying critical elements of your roof for potential issues, such as if you need a new underlayment or if the water and ice shields need to be redone. For a re-roof to be effective, the existing roof must be in okay condition with no reports or signs of leaks, structural instability, or other issues. The shingles must not be warped and should ideally be a traditional style.

Which One is Best?

Deciding which new roof installation option is best for you can be difficult. For obvious reasons, we prefer to do tear-offs so we know the state of the existing roof’s components and can make necessary repairs to improve the quality of your roof. However, re-roofing projects are easier on your budget, require less time, and allow you to get back into the swing of life faster. If you aren’t sure which method to go with, we can walk you through the decision and help you choose which option works best for your home. Whatever the roofing job is, no matter how big or how small, our team of roofers can make it happen, providing you with superior quality and expert craftsmanship. We offer free estimates on all jobs so you know what to expect. Put your mind at ease by hiring one of the leading roofing companies in Utah today.

We Take Quality to New Heights